1. Expert Tips for Keeping the Pests Out of Your Home

    After a long cold winter, we are glad to say that spring is here at last. Although many people are excited to throw open their windows and let a little fresh air into their homes, this can also make your home much more susceptible to a variety of pests. At Armor Pest Control, we know that it is a wh…Read More

  2. The Real Danger With Bed Bugs

    No other pest strikes fear in the hearts of people like bed bugs do. There's no doubt about it, people are terrified of bed bugs. Bed bugs have a bad reputation as being dirty and disgusting, but the fact of the matter is, in the pest control world, they are relatively harmless. As opposed to many o…Read More

  3. Keep the Bugs Out of Your Business

    There is nothing worse for your business than a pest problem. Regardless of whether you are in the business of food, hospitality, retail, or healthcare, a bug infestation can really put a damper on your business. Luckily, you have Armor Pest Control on your side. We are your go-to source for insect …Read More

  4. How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

    The week of Thanksgiving is finally here, and it is the busiest traveling week of the entire year! Whether you are flying across the world of piling into your car to head over to your neighboring state, you need to know how to avoid bed bugs while you are traveling. Though your time in your favorite…Read More

  5. Our Skunky Pest Control in Maryland

    Since there will always be pests, there is no reason why you should ever believe a company that tells you they can get “rid of your pests for good.” This is an inaccurate statement being made by them and we want to please ask you not to fall for it, because pests will always be around. However, …Read More

  6. Pest Control In Maryland: Termites Be Gone!

    Everyone at some point in their lives has either dealt with, directly or indirectly, a termite infestation. These little buggers are beyond what most people consider to be acceptable in any environment. They come in and eat at the walls of homes and then lay tons of eggs, furthering the mass infesta…Read More

  7. Pest Control In Maryland Is Much Needed

    Are you and your family experiencing some itchiness every morning you get out of bed? Are you feeling like there's foreign agents of destruction and infestation in your home somewhere? Well if either of these are true, you'll feel fantastic about the services we have to offer you. We understand that…Read More

  8. Quickest Pest Control In Maryland

    We know there is a lot of competition for pest control in Maryland, which is why we work harder and faster than any other company so we can earn your business. We are best known for our knowledge and efficiency. We can offer you an affordable solution and we only use products that are safe.…Read More

  9. Pest control in Maryland is a necessary service to have available

    No matter what anyone tells you, pest control in Maryland is an extremely important aspect of living there. Being that the state is mostly considered a humid state because of its location relative to the ocean, a lot of insects and pests tend to congregate in these areas. If you feel like your home …Read More

  10. Deciding who should do your pest control in Maryland

    When it comes to pest control, Maryland is a pretty popular place for businesses like ours to exist. There are quite a few bugs like to hang around the area. These bugs need to be taken care of or else they can cause problems for you. So deciphering between which companies are best is all about the …Read More