Everyone at some point in their lives has either dealt with, directly or indirectly, a termite infestation. These little buggers are beyond what most people consider to be acceptable in any environment. They come in and eat at the walls of homes and then lay tons of eggs, furthering the mass infestation of larva, which then explodes exponentially in numbers. We have some of the latest termite baiting systems available, as we take this pest control in Maryland very seriously. If you live in Maryland, you know just how wooded the state is, providing dense environments for termites to expound upon, ultimately destroying forests, let alone homes.

Well we have used and even developed the latest advancements in termite technology. After you decide to retain our services, you’ll have one of our highly experienced pest control technicians arrive at your home for an initial assessment. He will note the type of breed of termites you have, and then proceed with a damage assessment. No matter what the damage may be, we can usually kill the entire infestation in a matter of days. We literally have “killer” pest control services in Maryland!

We will apply a liquid barrier around and under your homes foundation. Then, we will apply a liquid treatment that’s worked very well for the past two decades. What this does is force the subterranean termites to seek out other sources of food, starving them out. Along with borate and newer foam technologies, our treatment process is the most advanced pest control process in Maryland possible. We take great pride in providing safety to our fellow residents of Maryland, as we are residents ourselves.

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