1. Do You Have a Mouse Infestation? Part 1

    We are starting to move toward spring, but your home is still one of the warmest places in Maryland, which can draw pests like mice to your attic, walls, and basement. These tiny rodents eventually give themselves away, even to the most oblivious homeowner. However, if you can notice their signs bef…Read More

  2. Watch Out for Winter Pests Part 3

    Though we haven’t had the intense winter we’re used to this year, pests are still making their way into our homes. And if the weather changes, you can be sure that even more will seek the warmth of our houses. The good news is, you do not have to let them stay! In our last blog, we went into mor…Read More

  3. Keep Mice Out of Your Home This Holiday Season

    Rodents are a common problem for many people in the winter. When the temperature starts to drop, rodents, just like people, are looking for a great place to stay warm, which unfortunately means your home. Mice are an especially troublesome problem for many people. They are tiny rodents that can snea…Read More

  4. Highly Qualified Rat, Flea and Mice Exterminators in Maryland

    Summer time is here and it’s here to stay for months to come. This means that it is time for creatures of all kinds to come out and mate, intrude, and infest in homes all over Maryland. So, when you ask yourself, “what should I be doing to protect my home and my family,” you can feel better kn…Read More