1. Commercial Insect Pest Control Maryland

    We offer a wide range of commercial insect pest control in Maryland. We know how important it is for you to get back to work as quickly as possible, so we are always efficient. Prevention is key to stopping a problem before it gets too big, so we offer you very thorough inspections.…Read More

  2. Affordable Termite Inspection Baltimore

    The key to stopping termite damage is a thorough termite inspection. We offer the best and most affordable termite inspection. Don't wait until it is too late, get your inspection today.…Read More

  3. Quickest Pest Control In Maryland

    We know there is a lot of competition for pest control in Maryland, which is why we work harder and faster than any other company so we can earn your business. We are best known for our knowledge and efficiency. We can offer you an affordable solution and we only use products that are safe.…Read More

  4. Preventing Weak Walls with Termite Inspections in Baltimore

    The east coast can be a breeding ground for the little bugs who love wood all too much. The humidity mixed with the lush nature of the area is just perfect for them to breed, and this is especially true in the winter, when they all decide it's a good idea to go indoors to keep out of the cold that i…Read More

  5. Termite Control – Get Your New House Inspected for Termites

    Summer is the typical time of year to look for a new home, and with the housing market rebound, it will likely be one of the busiest in years.  But before you sign on the bottom line, have your potential home looked over by our experts in termite control.   Termites can cause damage to a house lon…Read More

  6. Barbecue Blitzers – Baltimore Pest Control

    It doesn't get more American than summer barbecues and apple pie.  But if ants are crashing your party, there are a couple natural remedies that you can try to reclaim your barbecue. You can draw a chalk outline around the area you don't want the ants invading, or if they're sneaking into your ho…Read More

  7. Bed Bug Treatments we know Where they Hide!!

    Bed bugs are infesting homes, apartments, hotels, dormitories, shelters, and vehicles throughout the U.S. By moving infested bedding, furniture, clothing and luggage humans unknowingly make these infestations worse. Bed Bugs are difficult to control and it is best to leave it up to Armor Pest Contro…Read More