We show up when we say we will.

There is nothing as aggravating as waiting for a service person to show up, only for them to be hours late with no call and no explanation. Unless we are trapped, under attack, or unconscious we will be there or you will know why!

We send the same technician each time.

In any long term relationship with a service organization, especially one coming to your home, having the same representative each time saves time in communication, builds trust, and makes the entire relationship go more smoothly.

Our professionals look professional.

All of our technicians are uniformed, trained and ready to complete the service when they reach home. A professional will handle the administrative detail as well as the technical ones. The experience our customers have with every aspect of the service call will be clear, complete and efficient.

Local ownership means local responsibility.

You will never hear us say that we have to check with a corporate headquarters hundreds of miles away in order to get a response to your concern or complaint. Because we are a part of the Baltimore area community, your concerns are our concerns. We will solve most issues to your satisfaction the same day that they come up.

We do the little extra things.

All of our clients find that we do little extra things not directly covered in the agreement. We will point out structural issues conducive to pest harborage and spiderwebs, offer insect nest removal, and more.

We offer competitive pricing.

Be sure to let us know if you are converting from another company’s quarterly program to our EcoArmor service in order to receive our special pricing just for you.

We have technical knowledge and continuing education.

Our technicians’ training far exceeds the state requirements for becoming a certified applicator.