Since there will always be pests, there is no reason why you should ever believe a company that tells you they can get “rid of your pests for good.” This is an inaccurate statement being made by them and we want to please ask you not to fall for it, because pests will always be around. However, with modern day tactics and strategies, we can provide you with the pest control in Maryland that will astronomically reduce the amount of pests you have.

A very common pest that people encounter every couple of years is the skunk, which has characteristics such as:

  • Skunks can live in tons of different places

  • Skunks have habitats such as: towns, cities, prairies, woods, and mountains

  • The carry rabies on a massive level

  • They can grow up to 2.5 feet long

  • They can weigh anywhere in between 6 and 8 pounds as an adult

  • They are creatures of the night, as they actively search for food during this time

  • They stay mostly active throughout the entire night and sleep during the day

  • They will usually spray as a last resort in self defense

  • ‘They can live and dwell in both dry and wet places

  • They can dig their own den

  • They will sometimes live in homes that other animals have left behind

  • They’ll sometimes dwell and live under homes

Since a skunk will sometimes dwell, breed and feed under homes, it’s not uncommon to see why people want us to help them control this pest problem.

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