We are starting to move toward spring, but your home is still one of the warmest places in Maryland, which can draw pests like mice to your attic, walls, and basement. These tiny rodents eventually give themselves away, even to the most oblivious homeowner. However, if you can notice their signs before they get too prolific, you will save money and time.

In the next few blogs, we are going to share signs that you have a mouse infestation. Read on and see if you’ve experienced any of the following indicators!

  1. Strange sounds

    • Feeling like your house is haunted? Are you hearing unfamiliar sounds late at night? Chances are you have a mouse problem, not otherworldly inhabitants.
    • Mice keep track of their territory by scratching around on it. Their sight is weak, so their main facilities are hearing, smell, and touch. If you hear scratching at night, that’s a mouse.
  2. Nasty smells

    • Mice defecate and urinate all over, and you will be able to smell the results. The smell will be strongest near the nests and their well-traveled paths through your home.
  3. Seeing a mouse!

    • Sometimes you get lucky and you see one of your non-paying renters by chance. If you see a mouse, it is better to see it at night, when it’s common for mice to be out and about. If you see a mouse in sunlight, that means the infestation is so prolific, the mice have to scavenge for food during the day.

If you are experiencing one or any of these signs, call us for a quick, effective, affordable solution.