1. Spot the Bedbug Infestation! Part 2

    Bed bugs are spreading in the United States. They are unique because they do not need filthy environments like fleas or lice. They simply go where the food is, and that food is you. They can go months without feeding and are extremely hardy. In our last blog, we discussed the two main ways to identi…Read More

  2. Spot the Bedbug Infestation! Part 1

    Summer is a great time to travel. The roads are clear of snow, and it seems everyone is pursuing the adventure they dreamed up during the winter. People spend more time on public transportation and in hotels - and the risk of picking up an unwelcome travelers like bedbugs becomes very high. The good…Read More

  3. Don’t Delay a Termite Inspection for Your Baltimore-Area Home

    If you even suspect you could have a termite problem in your home or one of your neighbors has experienced an infestation, don't delay getting a termite inspection for your Baltimore-area home. Termites can do an amazing amount of damage in a very short amount of time. These creatures can rapidly pr…Read More

  4. Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer!

    Summer is an incredible time of the year. It is the time for swimming, camping, hiking, biking and any other outdoor activity you wish to take part on. But there is one thing about the summer that we could all stand to do without, mosquitoes. Nothing ruins a wonderful summer like an itchy mosquito b…Read More

  5. Expert Tips for Keeping the Pests Out of Your Home

    After a long cold winter, we are glad to say that spring is here at last. Although many people are excited to throw open their windows and let a little fresh air into their homes, this can also make your home much more susceptible to a variety of pests. At Armor Pest Control, we know that it is a wh…Read More

  6. Does Your New Home Need a Termite Inspection?

      Traditional inspections are a must when you buy a new home, but there is another kind of inspection that often gets overlooked, the termite inspection. Termites are known for feeding on wood, but the evidence is generally very subtle. This is due to the fact that termites feed on wood from the in…Read More

  7. The Real Danger With Bed Bugs

    No other pest strikes fear in the hearts of people like bed bugs do. There's no doubt about it, people are terrified of bed bugs. Bed bugs have a bad reputation as being dirty and disgusting, but the fact of the matter is, in the pest control world, they are relatively harmless. As opposed to many o…Read More

  8. Keep the Pests at Bay During the Snow

    The snow has been falling hard in the Northeast, and more cold weather is still to be expected. When the weather is less than ideal, people are the only creatures looking for a place to warm up. Pests of all shapes and sizes tend to be found much more often when it is cold out, and if you want to ke…Read More

  9. Keep the Bugs Out of Your Business

    There is nothing worse for your business than a pest problem. Regardless of whether you are in the business of food, hospitality, retail, or healthcare, a bug infestation can really put a damper on your business. Luckily, you have Armor Pest Control on your side. We are your go-to source for insect …Read More

  10. When to Get a Termite Inspection

    A termite infestation that isn't taken care of properly can wreak havoc on a home and cause expensive damage. The problem is that termites are tiny and hard to see, and they love to attack the wood in your home's foundation. So, how do you know when it is time to get a termite inspection in your Bal…Read More