Winter officially begins a mere month from now. The cold weather brings general relief from bugs and pests, but do not be deceived! Spiders, earwigs, and rodents are all looking for warm places to survive the winter. Do not let your home be their solution.

In the next two blogs, we will discuss four common winter pests and what you can do to deter them.

  1. Termites

    1. We discussed termites in our last blog. The problem with termites is that winter does not really slow them down. They eat constantly, all year long.

    2. Your best solution is to call Armor Pest Control for an inspection. We will be able to take action and give you advice. Our advice may include:

      • Fix leaking pipes. Termites like moist areas.
      • Check your crawlspace for moisture. Make sure the vents are clear.
      • Check your foundation for cracks and close them up with caulk.
      • Store timber, compost, and firewood away from your home.
  2. Overwintering Insects

    1. Earwigs, spiders, and beetles will make their way into the warmth of your home this winter. Some of them will lay eggs that will hatch and cause problems in spring.

    2. Again, call Armor Pest Control. We will be able to spot problems before they become too large. We definitely recommend the following:

      • Check your windows and doors to make sure they seal.
      • Check the outside of your home, particularly the southern and western walls and foundations for cracks. Fill cracks with caulk.
      • Clean your home thoroughly. If you use a vacuum, make sure you empty the bag!

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