Summer is a great time to travel. The roads are clear of snow, and it seems everyone is pursuing the adventure they dreamed up during the winter. People spend more time on public transportation and in hotels – and the risk of picking up an unwelcome travelers like bedbugs becomes very high.

The good thing about bedbugs is that they are not invisible. They leave obvious signs of their presence, and those who know what to look for can identify them immediately. In this two-part series, we will share the indicators of bedbugs.

  1. Bites

    1. If you went to bed without bites and woke up with bites, that is a clear indication that somebody visited you while you were asleep, and it may have been a bedbug. However, bites are not the most dependable way to identify bedbugs, because people react to bedbugs so differently. Some people don’t show bites at all. In others, it takes a few weeks. Make sure you read on to know other signs of bedbugs.

    2. Bites will often be in groups of three, a series called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

  2. Fecal spots

    1. If a host is present, bedbugs feed every 5-7 days. They excrete wherever they go after feeding. These spots are black and often in groups of 10 or more. You will find them along mattress seams, behind headboards, along the edges of carpeting, behind pictures hung on the wall, at electrical outlets, and on the wood frame of box springs.

Identifying a bedbug infestation before it gets too far makes a huge difference for your pocketbook. Do not try to get rid of bedbugs on your own; only a professional will be able to fully exterminate these pests. Call Armor Pest Control, your Maryland ally against infestations, today!