1. Full Service Pest Control

    Armor Pest Control identifies, eliminates, and protects against pest problems individuals and companies face. We know and understand the stress and health concerns pests create. We are here to give you back your property. We offer full service pest control. To ensure that infestations are under cont…Read More

  2. Some Insects Go Dormant In Winter

    Insects and rodents find warmth and shelter however they can in the winter months. Often this means creeping inside well-insulated homes for the cold season. Although many pests go dormant for the winter, proper pest control measures protect homes from exposure to insects and rodents. Keep in mind, …Read More

  3. Bed Bug Control

    Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in the whole world. These tiny pests infest hotels, homes, motels, apartments and shelters. They can stay in anyone’s mattress, beddings and furniture. They are wingless tiny creatures that are nocturnal animals that sleep by day and feed at night especial…Read More

  4. Winter Pest Control

    Winter pest services can be the most valuable visit from our pest control professionals. Winter is the time to focus on inspections and treatments on the inside of your home. We can often identify and prevent pest problems before they start. Pests that can damage homes are termites and carpenter ant…Read More