1. Most Common Pests

    Part of getting rid of pests involves getting to know a little about the type pest you have. Please click on our Pest Gallery tab for useful facts about the most common insects found in the home. To prevent infestation of pests, check for cracks or openings on both the inside and outside walls of th…Read More

  2. Carpenter Bees

    Carpenter bees are solitary bees. They build nests just for themselves and only feed their own young. They get their name from their ability to drill through wood. Carpenter bee stingers are not barbed, so they are able to sting over and over again. Many people think they have stinging bumblebees wh…Read More

  3. Pest Control, Free Estimates

    Armor Pest Control has provided the Baltimore, Maryland area for more than 15 years, we are family owned and operated. Call us today for your free estimate from our highly trained professionals. Armor Pest Control will remove pests from your residential or commerical properties. Our qualified techni…Read More

  4. Residential And Commercial Pest Control

    Armor Pest Control specializes in quality pest control treatment . We offer residential pest control, and commercial pest control. Our highly trained technicians carry out all pest treatments by integrating the latest in products and technology along with environmental responsibilty. Even the cleane…Read More

  5. Energy Efficient Dehumidifer

    Humidity that is too high will stain ceilings and walls, and can cause paint and wallpaper to peel. It is also a breeding ground for mold, rot and insects such as termites and cockroaches. Homes that are more energy-efficient are also more likely to suffer from problems with higher humidity. The tig…Read More

  6. Preventative Pest Control

    Our goal at Armor Pest Control is to offer a preventative pest service which eliminates unwanted infestation of pests. CALL US for a free estimate on your pest control needs. Our technicians are trained professionals that are always friendly and courteous. We have competitive prices and offer qualit…Read More

  7. Customized Pest Treament

    Our qualified pest control technicians will inspect and evaluate your home or building to design a treatment program to fit your needs. We offer customized treatment services for homes of all sizes, schools, industrial and commercial properties. Protect your investment from unwanted pest. Part of ge…Read More

  8. Qualified Pest Control

    Armor Pest Control offers dependable service for your pest extermination needs. Our qualified, expert technicians can treat termites, rodents, roaches, bed bugs and other pest. Call Armor Pest Control today, we will be happy to schedule a free estimate.…Read More

  9. Baltimore, Maryland Pest Control

    Put a stop to costly property damage caused by termites, ants, roaches, rats, bedbugs and more go with the certified pest control experts at Armor Pest Control. We've provided the Baltimore, Maryland area for more than 15 years, we are family owned and operated. Call us today for your free estimate …Read More