Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in the whole world. These tiny pests infest hotels, homes, motels, apartments and shelters. They can stay in anyone’s mattress, beddings and furniture. They are wingless tiny creatures that are nocturnal animals that sleep by day and feed at night especially in the early part of dawn when people are asleep. They are attracted to human’s body temperature and the presence of carbon dioxide. They could feed unnoticed till they are satisfied. The victim only notices pain and itching after an hour when the anesthetic effects wear out. Next come scratching due to body’s extreme reaction to allergies and possibly serious scars due to skin infections. Elimination of pests with the help of our professionals is good practice. For new homeowners, it is recommended that the house get pre-treated before dwelling against parasites. Bed Bug infestation control is difficult and is best left to Armor Pest Control professionals; we have both the approved insecticides and the application equipment to effectively treat the various places where bed bugs hide.