Humidity that is too high will stain ceilings and walls, and can cause paint and wallpaper to peel. It is also a breeding ground for mold, rot and insects such as termites and cockroaches. Homes that are more energy-efficient are also more likely to suffer from problems with higher humidity. The tighter your house is, the less air that is exchanged. When it comes to low humidity levels people can suffer from dry noses, skin, and throats which leaves you more likely to catch a cold. Dryness can also damage wood and drywall, can cause your wood floors to shrink and even cause your piano to go out of tune. Static electricity is also increased as the humidity levels decreased. Armor Pest Control installs Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers It is important to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home. Indoor humidity levels should be between 30 to 50 percent with the ideal level being about 45 percent. Humidity levels can be easily checked by your Armor service professional.