1. Baltimore is Still the #1 Bedbug City

    When Atlanta-based exterminating company Orkin published their list of US cities with the most bedbugs, the last thing anyone from Baltimore wanted was to be the #1 city two years in a row. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. Why is Baltimore home to the most bedbug treatments in the US? W…Read More

  2. Travel Smart—Bed Bug Prevention Tips

    Bed bugs are a lot of things, mostly all of which are downright awful. We wish that we could follow this statement with something redeeming, something that shows that bed bugs aren’t the greatest nuisance of all time, but unfortunately we’re still searching for something remotely positive about …Read More

  3. Protect Your Home from Bed Bugs

    It sometimes feels like an understatement to call bed bugs a pest—especially here in Baltimore, a city often regarded as the most bedbug-infested in America. They are a royal annoyance and pain. In our last blog post, we looked at bed bugs and some of their traits and habits, and what to do if you…Read More

  4. Eww! Bed Bugs!

    Baltimore has a reputation for plenty of things, some of them great, like amazing football and baseball teams and Natty Boh, and some of the things are not great. Among these is bed bugs. Earlier this year, a well-known national pest control company listed good old Charm City as the number one town …Read More

  5. Armor Pest Control – Carpenter Bees

    This is our Link: https://www.armorpestcontrolmd.com/ Resemble bumblebees, but the top of the carpenter bee’s abdomen is hairless, often shiny, black, and has no yellow stripe. Are about one inch in length. Bore into dried, seasoned and untreated wood surfaces, preferring softwoods such as cedar, …Read More

  6. Did you know rats…?

    Did you know that rats can eat through glass, cinder-block, and other building materials? Did you know that they eat and urinate on food and that over 45,000 people are bitten every year by their disease ridden mouths? Yeah!!! Exterminate and prevent them with the best Baltimore, Maryland pest contr…Read More

  7. Shoo Fly

    There is nothing more annoying than having your house filled with flies. They carry diseases and seem to always land and touch the things you wish they wouldn't like your food, or lightly tap on your skin... gives you the willies. Don't let them drive you to insanity, call Armor Pest Control today! …Read More

  8. Winter Rodent Infestations

    Some of you may have come back from your holiday vacation to new residents living in your home. Armor Pest Control, the best in Baltimore, Maryland pest control,  has what you need to get rodents out and prevent them from coming back. Check out our website for signs of rodent infestation an…Read More

  9. La Cucaracha

    It may be a fun song to sing but the last thing you want to see in your home is cockroaches. Armor Pest Control has the buzz on all types of insects that are searching for a hiding spot in your home and can give you the ultimate in pest extermination services. Cockroaches carry diseases and usually …Read More