Bed bugs are a lot of things, mostly all of which are downright awful. We wish that we could follow this statement with something redeeming, something that shows that bed bugs aren’t the greatest nuisance of all time, but unfortunately we’re still searching for something remotely positive about their existence. In today’s blog, we at Armor Pest Control would like to focus on bed bug prevention, particularly on how bed bugs are excellent travelers and how to prevent them from hitchhiking a ride with you.

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Pack Wisely

Bed bugs prefer tight, dark, warm places. When you are planning to travel, keep this in mind and pack accordingly. Before leaving, lay out all you want to take and ask yourself if it looks like good bed bug real estate. Avoid packing sheets, bedding, and old bags and pack as lightly as possible.

Seal and Elevate

When staying in a new place, especially hotels, adhere to anti-bed bug practices. This includes inspecting the bed and making sure that you store your luggage and belongings off of the floor. To be extra safe, you can store your clothes in large airtight plastic traveling bags.

When in Doubt, Heat

Bed bugs cannot survive hot temperatures, temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact. If you fear that you may have been susceptible to a bed bug infestation, once you get to your destination or before you are leaving, find a dryer, set it to the highest temperature, and give your clothes a spin.

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