1. Weep Holes

    Do you have a stone or brick home that has necessary weep holes? Are you often worried that these weep holes will let pests enter your home? Eliminate pest access to the inside of a property by getting covers that allow the proper moisture and airflow patterns to exist without the worry of critters …Read More

  2. Armor Pest Complete Customer Care

    Call Armor Pet Control for a free estimate on your pest control needs. From termite control systems to rodent removal, trust our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians to remove your pests. If you are looking for ongoing monthly contracts or quarterly treatments, or just have a onetime need, w…Read More

  3. Protect your Home from Termite Infestations

    Armor Pest Control’s can help you fight against the damage that termites can do to your home. Our termite control specialists know where termites live and how they enter a dwelling creating their homes in the wood. Don’t let these destructive little creatures destroy all you have worked for. Con…Read More

  4. Weep Hole Covers

    You  may have noticed gaps between the bricks of your home. Although these may look like large cracks, they are purposely left between bricks in the lower layers of external walls to assist in proper drainage and ventilation. These gaps are called weep holes. Without ventilation, internal wall stud…Read More