1. Get Pest Extermination Services For The Masked Bandits

    Raccoons are often portrayed as cute little critters.  But when one or more invade a home, it can become chaos.  They'll usually create dens in chimneys or hide out under porches, but they've also been known to tear open roofs if a youngster is trapped inside.  If these little bandits have become…Read More

  2. Mosquitoes – The Deadly Annoyance

    Summer is well on its way, bringing family vacations, ice cream trucks and those pesky mosquitoes.  These insects are often simply annoyances, but they can transmit West Nile encephalitis, a sometimes fatal inflammation of the brain. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant or putrid water, and rarely frequent…Read More

  3. Armor Pest Control – Carpenter Bees

    This is our Link: https://www.armorpestcontrolmd.com/ Resemble bumblebees, but the top of the carpenter bee’s abdomen is hairless, often shiny, black, and has no yellow stripe. Are about one inch in length. Bore into dried, seasoned and untreated wood surfaces, preferring softwoods such as cedar, …Read More