1. Did you know rats…?

    Did you know that rats can eat through glass, cinder-block, and other building materials? Did you know that they eat and urinate on food and that over 45,000 people are bitten every year by their disease ridden mouths? Yeah!!! Exterminate and prevent them with the best Baltimore, Maryland pest contr…Read More

  2. Shoo Fly

    There is nothing more annoying than having your house filled with flies. They carry diseases and seem to always land and touch the things you wish they wouldn't like your food, or lightly tap on your skin... gives you the willies. Don't let them drive you to insanity, call Armor Pest Control today! …Read More

  3. Winter Rodent Infestations

    Some of you may have come back from your holiday vacation to new residents living in your home. Armor Pest Control, the best in Baltimore, Maryland pest control,  has what you need to get rodents out and prevent them from coming back. Check out our website for signs of rodent infestation an…Read More

  4. La Cucaracha

    It may be a fun song to sing but the last thing you want to see in your home is cockroaches. Armor Pest Control has the buzz on all types of insects that are searching for a hiding spot in your home and can give you the ultimate in pest extermination services. Cockroaches carry diseases and usually …Read More

  5. Be prepared for Misquito Season

    Mosquitoes seem to creep in when you least expect them. No matter if you have community sprays and you feel protected; you may still be at risk to be bitten by those little buggers. Armor Pest Control, your Baltimore, Maryland Pest Control Company, has products that are fully approved by the Environ…Read More

  6. Fleas don’t just live on pets

    All in takes is two little fleas getting in your home to create disaster. If you have pets, its likely that  more than 2 could enter your house at one time. Armor Pest Control has all the advanced training and products for pest extermination. Our Baltimore, Maryland Pest Control service will not …Read More

  7. Got Bugs?

    It's very frustrating to find that although you keep your house clean and neat, bugs can still take place in your home. Armor Pest Control has the solution to your frustration. Our Baltimore, Maryland pest control company works hard to ensure bug infestation never happens to you. During our pest e…Read More

  8. Don’t let pests take over your home

    If you are looking for the most professional Baltimore, Maryland pest control company, check out Armor Pest Control. We are the insect, rat, flee, and mice exterminator at your service. Pest extermination can be a very complicated process, especially when it comes to termite control. We at Armor Pes…Read More

  9. Breeding Rodents

    No matter how clean your house or garage is, you are never completely safe of mice infestation. Mice breed so rapidly that within 6 months there is the potential of 2500 heirs crawling around in or around your home! If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area, Armor Pest is the pest extermination c…Read More

  10. Bed Bugs are Rampant!

    Bed bugs, crawling around in your space. Don't let them stay for the holidays. If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area, you are in the top 10 cities infested with bed bugs. But you are in luck, you also have a armed and trained pest control company on your side. We have the ultimate in pest exter…Read More