1. Weep Hole Covers Through Armor Pest Control

    Weep holes, on exterior walls, are vital for preventing mold and mildew caused by freeze and thaw cycles. Although weep holes ensure proper moisture and airflow, they are also a place for all types of critters to enter your home. Once inside they can eat your food, spread disease and create costly r…Read More

  2. Gutter Protect with Leaf DefierĀ®

    Gutter Protection With Spring rains being just around the corner, gutters are meant to redirect the water flowing off your roof into the downspouts. This relatively simple process is often complicated by leaves, and other debris. Clogged gutters can result in costly damage to your home including: In…Read More

  3. Do You Feel Out Numbered?

    Humans are out numbered by more than 1600,000,000:1 when it comes to insects. Knowledge is your best weapon in the battle against urban and structural pests. Armor Pest Control has that knowledge and has been helping our customers ward off pests. CALL US for a free estimate on your pest control need…Read More