1. Termite Control – Get Your New House Inspected for Termites

    Summer is the typical time of year to look for a new home, and with the housing market rebound, it will likely be one of the busiest in years.  But before you sign on the bottom line, have your potential home looked over by our experts in termite control.   Termites can cause damage to a house lon…Read More

  2. Barbecue Blitzers – Baltimore Pest Control

    It doesn't get more American than summer barbecues and apple pie.  But if ants are crashing your party, there are a couple natural remedies that you can try to reclaim your barbecue. You can draw a chalk outline around the area you don't want the ants invading, or if they're sneaking into your ho…Read More

  3. Mosquitoes – The Deadly Annoyance

    Summer is well on its way, bringing family vacations, ice cream trucks and those pesky mosquitoes.  These insects are often simply annoyances, but they can transmit West Nile encephalitis, a sometimes fatal inflammation of the brain. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant or putrid water, and rarely frequent…Read More