Baltimore winters are harsh, and after the holidays have passed, they seem to get only harder. The days can start to feel less like “walking in a winter wonderland” and more like “Will this mound of brown snow ever go away? And will I ever be able to feel my feet again?” It would suffice to say, winter creates all sorts of problems. Some problems are obvious, like icy road conditions, frozen pipes, and ice dams, while others can often slip under the radar. In today’s blog, your go-to Baltimore pest control company—Armor Pest Control—would like to discuss one of these overlooked threats: the unique pest control challenges posed by severe cold.

Below are some common winter invaders and a few simple tips and tricks to keep them away.


Mice are small. But some of the holes and cracks they’re able to squeeze their bodies through are mind-blowingly small. These little contortionists are able to bend and squeeze through holes as small as ¼ inch. And once inside, they will do what they do best: reproduce, build nests, steal food, chew on wood and furniture, and pose a potential health hazard through their feces, urine, and bites.


Similar to mice, rats create many of the same problems, but they do so on an even larger scale. This is primarily because, well, they are larger rodents. Rats are notorious for chewing through electrical wires, necessitating costly repairs, and leaving behind them trails of potentially hazardous excrement.

Stink Bugs

As winter rolls in so can the stink bugs. Although they do not chew on things and transmit diseases, they do, as their name indicates, bring with them some serious funk. Not to mention, they are also unsightly and can really disrupt the comfort of a home, and they can leave stains on curtains and walls.


By and large, spiders are far more beneficial than harmful. However, be that as it may, no one likes to share their home with these creepy arachnids. And the colder it gets outside the more likely you are to see them inside. Unfortunately, they often enter your home in pursuit of other pests, but we understand: this doesn’t give them a pass. They have to go.

Prevention Tips

Although you ideally want to ramp up the prevention before winter, it is never too late to take pest control measures. Consider adding the following to your prevention to-do list:

  • Keep limbs, branches, and shrubs away from the home

  • Seal windows, cracks, screens, and potential entrances

  • Store firewood away from home

  • Keep floors clutter-free

  • Call a professional pest control service if you have an infestation

  • Contact a professional pest control service to schedule year-round pest control

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