What’s not to love about summer? There’s warm weather, long days, vacations, and just general awesomeness. What could ever put a damper on this joy? Ah, that’s right…mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the ultimate summer buzz kill. To prevent these biting insects from spoiling your summer activities and waking up covered in itchy bites, Armor Pest Control would like to share with you some simple tips and techniques to improve your summer and keep you from being the main entree of a mosquito feast.

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Lawn Maintenance

During the day, when the sun’s sweltering heat is beating down, long grass and plants provide mosquitoes with a safe and cool place to survive. Regularly cutting your grass and maintaining your garden can disrupt and destroy this habitat, forcing them to take refuge elsewhere. On top of this, keeping grass cut short can help deter other rodents and pests from invading your personal space.


Nothing beats a good summer fan. Not only will it keep you cool, but fans can also prevent mosquitoes from attacking, so long as you are in the path of a fan. Although mosquitoes can pack a powerful bite, their flying skills aren’t so strong. Flying against the current of a fan is nearly impossible, forcing them to fly to other places. Keep this in mind this summer and strategically set up fans to create a mosquito-free zone around you.

Standing Water

Mosquitoes love water and need it to lay eggs. If you leave buckets, drains, watering cans, and other standing water around your home during the summer, you can expect mosquitoes to find them. Remove these breeding grounds from your home and you will make your outdoor area much less attractive to these annoying pests.

Bird Baths

Based on the last tip, you may have already guessed that bird baths can not only be beneficial to birds but also mosquitoes. Bird baths can be such a nice addition to a garden that you may think the tradeoff is worth it. This might be true. However, you don’t have to see it completely as a tradeoff. By simply cleaning the bird bath regularly and replacing the water once a week you can reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes setting up shop.

Little Ponds

After our last tip, you may be thinking, “so what, do I have to change my pond water weekly?” No, there is a better solution! While ponds can quickly become a maternity ward for mosquitoes adding a fountain or something that will get the water moving can make all the difference. Mosquitoes require still water to lay their eggs.

Screens and Mesh

Being able to open the doors and windows and let in a cool summer breeze can be a great way to cool your home and to get some fresh air. However, if you don’t have adequate screens and mesh, you can expect pesky mosquitoes to ride the breeze into your home. Installing fine mesh screens on all the doorways and windows can shut down these access points while also allowing a cool breeze to flow through your home.

This is, of course, not a foolproof list. However, when you feel mosquitoes putting a damper on your summer, give these techniques a try. Another great strategy is to enlist the help of a pest control company who can help with mosquito control. If you are in Baltimore and looking for such a company, give Armor Pest Control a call today!