As the weather gets cooler, many people welcome relief from bugs and other pests. Maryland winters are no joking matter, and they do tend to kill of a majority of insects off. However, there are smart insects and small pests that seek out the warmth of homes over the winter, which means you might end up dealing with pests all year long. Don’t let this happen. Keep an eye out for the most common pests that get into households and get our help if you see them. In the next few blogs, we’re going to share the most common winter pests to make sure you’re watching for.


The warmth of your house will attract moths, and the clothing in your house will feed them. They feed on cotton and will chew through your clothing to survive. Even worse, they usually leave behind larvae that also eat cotton. If you start to see holes in your clothing or spot moth larvae, contact us immediately. We will be able to effectively exterminate them and allow you to keep your clothing.


These tough little pests can get anywhere and into anything. Drawn to warmth, they will head for your food and you’ll probably notice them quickly. They don’t go anywhere on their own, and their great numbers are a dead giveaway. They favor jars, cereal, syrup bottles, and other easy sources of food.

Stay snug and warm in your home this winter, and enjoy the absence of insects and other pests. If they try to encroach on your winter sanctuary, contact us for premium insect pest control!