Termites love wood. There’s no denying it. Even if you live in a beautiful Baltimore rowhouse, you may not realize that the wooden trim may be infested with termites. Even worse, if the termites get past just the trim on your Baltimore home, they may wreak havoc elsewhere in your house.

Termites cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Making sure that you address the situation and problem early is one of the first ways to stop your home from being a financial disaster. Prevention is key, which is why getting your house regularly inspected for termites is incredibly important, even if you don’t see any obvious signs of termites.

At Armor Pest Control in Baltimore, we work diligently to ensure that your home is free of any and all pests. Whether it’s a family of mice that are quickly multiplying into an infestation or a resident raccoon who terrorizes your pets and raids your trash, Armor Pest control can handle pests of all shapes and sizes. Visit our website or call us for more information about an inspection at 410-788-8014.

Termite Inspections — The Lowdown

So, you saw a small, winged bug that you think may be a termite in your home. First, make sure that that insect isn’t an ant. The easiest way is to check the wings. Ants have two sets of wings that are asymmetrical; while, termites have perfectly symmetrical wings. If it is indeed a termite you might have cause for concern.

Termites usually look for new places to nest in early spring when the queen of an established colony sends off the sexually mature winged adults to settle elsewhere. If you start seeing more and more termites near your window sill or other openings, you may look for where they are originating from. Chances are, there is an existing nest close by.

Another tell-tale sign that termites are besieging your home is mud tunnels or tubes. If you walk around the perimeter of your building and begin to notice tubes of mud-like substance coming from the ground and rising up towards your foundation, you have a problem on your hands.

Because termites require very specific humidity levels to survive, they create tubes to protect them from the terranean world. If you see these tubes, try breaking a section and seeing if it repairs itself in a few days. If the tube is back to normal or has changed in any way to circumvent the collapse you caused, there is an active termite infestation around, and possibly inside your house.

Beyond any of these very basic inspections, you will need to hire an experienced and certified termite inspector to determine whether you need to pursue further action. If you need a trusted inspector in Baltimore, be sure to contact Armor Pest Control today.

How to Prevent Termites

One of the best ways to prevent termites is by eliminating all of the wood on your property. We don’t mean chopping down every tree you can, but if you have any wood piles or fallen trees sitting around your house, you may reduce the chance of termite infestation significantly by removing the wood.

Like we said at the beginning of this blog, termites love wood. When you deprive them of their natural food source, it becomes harder for them to set-up a base of operations directly next to your home. Because termites aren’t able to eat through paint or wood sealant, it takes them much longer to break through a home.

If you see signs of termites, call Armor Pest Control at 410-788-8014 immediately.