Summer may be winding down, but vacations are still going on! Fall is a popular time to travel, and because the bugs we’re talking about don’t come and go with the seasons, you need to be on your guard no matter what time of year you’re traveling. Once bed bugs make their home with you, it takes professional help to dislodge them.  At Armor Pest Control, we can handle the issue, but we want to empower you to prevent them from lodging with you in the first place! In our last blog, we discussed how inspecting your hotel room and keeping your luggage off the floor can help you avoid these pests. Today, we have to more travel tips for you!

Teach Kids How to Handle Hotels

  • If you have kiddos, be sure to inform them about bed bugs. If your kids know what to look for, they can help out, which is to everyone’s advantage. We also recommend you keep an eye peeled for traces of white powder, especially around the hotel room’s perimeter. If you see powder, it may be leftover pesticide from a bedbug treatment. We recommend you ask for a different room to keep your children from being exposed.

Get a New Room Two Floors Away

  • If you ask for a room change due to bed bug concerns, moving one floor up or down isn’t enough. Bed bugs are small enough to travel through electrical sockets and wallboards, and it’s normal policy to treat the rooms above, below, and around an infested room. We recommend finding a new hotel altogether, but if you need to stay, request a new room at least two floors away from the issue.

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