Fleas start to multiply and become a problem in the spring, because they like the warmer weather. As soon as the weather warms, fleas begin to hatch. Spring is also a time that your pets begin to go outside more and more. Fleas can develop from egg to adult in just 2 weeks. It’s possible for 10 adult fleas to produce over 250,000 offspring in just a month. While fleas are most often found on animals, they will also jump on humans for a blood meal. In addition to causing itching and discomfort, fleas have also been known to transmit diseases like plague, typhus and tapeworm. Fleas are also found on possums, rats, other rodents and humans,they can jump up to 150 times the length of their body. Call Armor Pest Control today to get control and eliminate these pests. Our family-owned-and-operated pest control service is the best in the business, and all of our work is guaranteed, call us today for your free pest control estimate.