All we want is your family to feel safe and comfortable within your own household. Well you should know that if termites are able to build shelter tubes through the foundation, they’ll gain access to wood, which is primarily their food. They usually build these tubes themselves, and out of particles of either soil and/or their feces. Termites will actually utilize these tubes to bring their damp environment with them. You’ll be more than happy with our effective methods in killing these little infestors.

We have a conventional liquid treatment that is more than reliable. We will apply the liquid barrier around your home and the termites will be forced to leave or forced to starve. This is a wood-destroying organism and it needs to be eliminated, especially before they eat the structural forms of your house. We are Armor Pest Control and we have the intelligence, experience, knowledge, insight, products, methods and strategies to get rid of all of your termites. We highly recommend you at least give us a chance for a termite inspection in Baltimore.