For most people, the feeling of having insects within their household is enough to have them retain the services of an exterminator or try to do it themselves. This is just the feeling, not an actual observation. This fear of insects dates back to the very depths of human kind. It has been a species that just creeps our species out. For example, cockroaches have been on the planet for nearly 200 million years. These creatures have burrowed their way into the depths of history, crawling their way into our lives through caves, holes, foundations, plots, dwellings etc. They are the very epitome of what the ancient societies and contemporary society considered and still considered to be scary to this day.

Cockroaches live in dark and damp places, so they’ve been able to thrive and survive throughout our planet’s history, primarily because they’ve been able to escape the destructions that have laid waste to this planet in the last 200 millions. Instead of being on the surface when meteors hit and dying like the rest of the dinosaurs, they were able to find deep holes to survive in. They literally love the darkness, which is another reason why they are also symbolized as something scary, as human beings have long feared the dark.

Since a majority of housing experiences insects at one point in time or another, there’s no need to freak out when or if you see them. We know all of their habits, food sources, and breeding places, so you can feel assured that we will provide the influential pest control in Maryland that will terminate any insect problems. We’ll show your insects the very definition of darkness, infinite darkness! It’s what we do!