I would recommend him to anyone

An exterminator is someone you never want to call. But we had no choice. We keep a pretty neat house–no dishes in the sink, minimal clutter–but mice were taking over our kitchen. We found dropping in corners and under the sink. Sometimes at night, we would glimpse one running under the fridge–and sometimes even across the counter. Our attempts at do-it-yourself pest control–traps and bait from Home Depot–did not work. We finally called Armor and our problem was solved. Mr. Mayo came in, did a full inspection, found places to place his poison. That was nearly a year ago and we literally have seen no more mice or droppings. None. Also, we did not smell the mice dying in the walls. Not only that, but he sprayed the perimeter of the house eliminating the annoying problem we sometimes had in the summer with tiny ants. It was nearly a miracle. My wife–half seriously–calls him a superhero. I would recommend him to anyone struggling with mice or other bugs and critters.

Michael Fletcher